Other Services

Pet Boarding
$ Per Day Peak Period
(1 Dec - 31 Dec)
(CNY Period)
Anti-flea & Tick spray, to be renewed every 7 days.
Toy Dogs/ Rabbit  $25 $30 $12
Medium Dogs $30 $35 $15
Large Dogs $40 $45 $15
Things to note:
Pet Cremation

More often than not, our beloved pets often bring us countless moments of joy. They bear no grudges, always full of affection and are undeniably one of the best companions in our life. They are part of our family, and will always. Hence, providing a proper way to send-off your beloved pets would be one of the last things we can help you do for your pet to let them know even after they cross over the rainbow bridge, they will always be remembered in our hearts.

Classification Common Cremation Without Ash Private Individual Cremation With Ash in Urn
Hamsters $65 $160
Guinea Pigs $65 $160
Rabbits $100 $200
Chinchillas $100 $200
Cat & Puppies below 3 months $100 $280
HDB-Approved Breed Dogs (10kg and Below) $180 $420
Medium Breed Dogs (Above 10kg & Below 20kg) $220 $580
Large Breed Dogs (Above 20kg & Below 30kg) $350 $620
Extra Large Breed Dogs (Above 30kg) $580 $720

* Price stated are inclusive of 7%GST.

* Transport: $50 island-wide